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Australia is a big country. 

Discovering the "must sees" and hidden gems can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

We want to give you the good oil on the best places to see that aren't necessarily the big tourist attractions. We figure you will find those anyway, and let's face it, if you've seen one bridge, you've seen them all!

Sometimes, it's as much fun, or more, to discover something that not many other people have before you. There are not many places in the world where this can happen. Australia is one of them.

We have given you some suggested routes (and will be adding plenty more) and some of the very special places to see along the way, many of which won't appear in your traditional tourist information booklets.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Now go and explore like never before!

Cycling and Motorhomes

Load up (or hire) a bike for an extra dimension to your holiday:  explore niche trails, ride into town, sightsee and not worry about packing up your motorhome just to get a loaf of bread and some milk.  Plus, there are so many places that are made for cycling in Australia.  Here are three of our favourites.

7 Day High Country Explorer:

Starting in Melbourne, spend a week discovering Nagambie, Bright, Glenrowan and Mount Beauty.  Peppered with craft breweries, rail trails, fabulous mountain bike parks and the stunning Victorian high country scenerymake this the perfect week away with a motorhome and bikes on board.



7 Day Perth and Surrounds, including Rottnest Island:

Holiday parks and campgrounds abound in this stunning region of South West WA making it easy to explore a little further each day.  From Busselton in the South, the Margaret River and its glorious wineries to the beaches of Cottesloe and Fremantle.  Our favourite: we suggest pulling your motorhome into one of the fabulous holiday parks close to Fremantle and taking your bikes on the early ferry to Rottnest Island.  Rottnest is car free, making it a bike rider's paradise.  With over 60 beaches to explore and cute native quokkas who are happy to oblige a selfie, this is a fabulous addition to any Perth holiday.



South Australia - the Mawson Ride

Long distance cycling is gaining popularity as a holiday style and combining it with a motorhome just makes sense, particularly if there are a couple of you travelling together and you take it in turns to ride a day, relocate the motorhome another.

South Australia's Mawson Ride is a spectacular example of high quality mountain biking, with hubs for camping conveniently located about a day's ride apart.  Start and end in Adelaide and see a different side of the north country and Flinders Ranges.  

The Mawson Trail


Magnetic Island:

Cairns to Brisbane, one of our favourite itineraries is a biker's paradise.  We suggest allowing between 10 and 14 days to explore the coast, including one of our favourites:  Magnestic Island.

Soaked in sun, Magnetic Island is your own private velodrome - perfect for circuits, be it for a day trip or taking your motorhome on the ferry and making it an extended stay, exploring on bike makes you slow down to see island.  Highlights of the island include Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia, and Horseshoe Bay, as well as of course, simply taking off in search of a sheltered bay and secluded beach sands. 




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Let's be honest here, the jewel in the crown of this road trip is the Great Ocean Road.

But like any road trip, the journey is more important than the destination! There are plenty of other great sights to see.

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This is a beautiful trip, starting in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, and travelling along the Pacific Highway through sub-tropical and beachside towns to the tropical North Queensland city of Cairns.

To put this drive in context, it is further to drive from Brisbane to Cairns than it is from Melbourne to Brisbane. While this is a long drive, it is one of the best trips you will ever embark upon.

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There are two ways to drive from Melbourne to Sydney - the fast way or the fun way. Don't waste too much time guessing which way I'm going to take you!

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